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5 Things to Consider when hiring an advisor

I recently met another advisor who mentioned something that stuck with me. He told me, “Our clients probably look at hiring an advisor like buying a home. Most clients buy a home maybe once or twice throughout their lifetime, and it’s a big decision.” I couldn’t agree more. A home buyer does their due diligence […]

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Fee-only Advisor, Fee-based Advisor, Why should I care?

First, let’s talk about what it means to be a fee-only advisor. A fee-only advisor is compensated solely by the client. They may receive no sales-related compensation, like commissions, transaction fees, or referral fees. Instead, a fee-only advisor may receive compensation in these ways:  Percentage of Assets under management (AUM) Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual fees […]

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Financial advice

What is Financial Advice?

If you’re like many Americans who wonder what a financial planner does and how they can help, you’re not alone. Finance, financial, financial planning, financial advice, and all these terms are all around us – your local bank, credit union, insurance office, website ads, and TV commercials are vying for your attention to offer you […]

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