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Open (Benefits) Enrollment Playbook for Employees

It’s fall time, which means cooler weather here in Texas, football season, and employee benefits enrollment season! While it’s easy to get carried away with football games and preparing for the holidays, it’s essential to dedicate time to review some of the key benefits provided to you by your employer. You have a brief window […]

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3 Steps to Escape Portfolio Panic Amidst Recession Fears

Is a recession coming? Maybe. We know recessions are inevitable. And when they’re here… the scary news is blasting on cable 24/7. Your friends, neighbors, and colleagues might be panicking once they see their portfolios dropping. To make matters worse, it’s unlikely that the next recession will look like the last one, so how do […]

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Blockchain – A Gateway to Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more!

Technology is dynamic and drives innovation. It has advanced exponentially from traditional radios and televisions to computers, smartphones, the cloud, and digital assets. And today, we’ll be telling you all about this new up-and-coming technology – The Blockchain. Blockchain has transformed every arena – from healthcare and manufacturing, to real estate and the government sector. […]

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We’re in bear country now.

Well, it happened. We knew that markets were going to continue their wild ride, and here we are. Stocks slid into bear market territory after a bad May inflation report showed that prices rose at the fastest pace since 1981.1 It’s clear that the Federal Reserve’s efforts to cool inflation haven’t borne fruit yet, and […]

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Market Crashes & Sudden Swells

Does the thought of a 10% stock market drop make your stomach drop? Maybe you recall the jitters and anxiety when the last crash came through, and you watched the value of your investments fall… and fall… and keep falling. Unfortunately, you can expect sharp drops in the stock market at any time. Today, tomorrow, […]

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