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  1. Schedule a Free ConsultationSchedule a consultation with me so I can understand your unique needs and expectations, and mutually determine whether your situation matches my expertise.
  2. Goal-setting MeetingMeeting where you and I will have a candid discussion about your goals and top priorities. Most importantly, I want to understand your motivators and why they are critical.
  3. Let’s Get Organized!I will work closely with you to gather key information and start the process of getting your financial documents organized.
  4. Explore Possibilities Schedule a time for a preliminary plan review once all of your financial facts are organized. Advisor will solicit your feedback, address questions, make necessary adjustments, and prepare a final customized plan.
  5. Deliver Customized Plan
    You will receive a tailored financial plan with specific recommendations and next steps to put you on track to meet your financial goals.
  6. Implement Plan, Monitor, Review
    I will proactively engage you for periodic financial plan and portfolio performance reviews.

Client feedback and input are encouraged and appreciated throughout the entire process.