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Our Mission:

My mission is to educate, inspire, and empower corporate employees to live their fullest financial lives through purpose-driven financial planning.

About Peter Kim, CFP®

I understand what it’s like to be an employee of a large company. As an employee, you are the lifeblood of the organization, and you want security, recognition, good benefits, and purpose in your great work.

During my nearly-decade career as an advisor with a large brokerage company, I noticed a sheer lack of resources and advisors across the industry that were genuinely interested in helping the working employee chart a path to financial freedom.

Many of you have probably had the following experience where you finally found the time to call the 1-800 number of your benefits provider for help and you get a response like this… ‘Do you need help understanding your employee benefits? Great! Please refer to your benefits website to learn more about your options.’

Perhaps you’ve reached out to some advisors that made you feel uneasy, spoke in jargon, generated more questions than answers, and left you feeling like a cow on the money farm.    

You work too hard to be treated like a number.

I launched VenWealth because I wanted to help people move forward in their financial journey with complete independence – no sales quotas and no product pushing. More importantly, I am most fulfilled when I help you gain clarity, confidence, and conviction with your finances.